Canada Travelling Fellowships

Traveling Fellowships

Travelers will find a warm welcome in Canada. The James IV Association of Surgeons is supported by all the university departments of surgery in Canada. The Canadian section meets every September at the Canadian Surgery Forum.

James IV travelers are held in high regard in Canada. We have participated in the James IV traveling fellowship since 1962 when Dr Angus McLachlin, University of Western Ontario, became the first Canadian traveler. Canadian travelers have gone on to distinguished careers in surgery and leadership positions in academic surgery.

James IV directors and former Canadian travelers look forward to hosting travelers. We will share exciting academic endeavors and clinical developments with you. We look forward to hearing about work being done by travelers.

We will guide travelers and their families through the beautiful environment in which we are fortunate to live.

Traveler Hosts

Click the section below to reveal a partial list of the directors and travelers of James IV Association of Surgeons in Canada. Travelers are welcome to contact individuals directly or by emailing the honorary secretary, Dr Sean Grondin. We will happily provide introductions to James IV hosts and to specialists in the traveler’s area of interest as well as give tips regarding visits to our area.

St John’s Newfoundland:

  1. Dr. William Pollett;
  2. Dr. Chris Heughan

Halifax, Nova Scotia:

  1. Dr. Geoff Porter

Quebec City, Quebec:

  1. Dr. Gaetan Brochu

Montreal, Quebec:

  1. Dr. Prosanto Chaudhury (2022 Traveler)
  2. Dr. Gerald Fried
  3. Dr. Liane Feldman
  4. Dr. Lorenzo Ferri
  5. Dr. Jeff Barkun
  6. Dr. Prosanto Chaudhury (2022 Traveler)

Ottawa, Ontario:

  1. Dr. Susan Moffatt-Bruce
  2. Dr. Ken Harris
  3. Dr. Susan Moffatt-Bruce

Kingston, Ontario:

  1. Dr. Richard Reznik
  2. Dr. Paul Belliveau
  3. Dr. G. Ross Walker

London, Ontario:

  1. Dr. Vivian McAlister
  2. Dr. Christopher Schlachta

Toronto, Ontario:

  1. Dr. James Rutka
  2. Dr. Robin McLeod
  3. Dr. David Urbach
  4. Dr. Jacob Langer
  5. Dr. Carol Swallow
  6. Dr. Andrew Smith
  7. Dr. Tom Forbes
  8. Dr. Steven Gallinger

Hamilton, Ontario:

  1. Dr. Susan Reid
  2. Dr. Christian Finley (2020 Traveler)

Winnipeg, Manitoba:

  1. Dr. Betty Jean Hancock
  2. Dr. Richard Nason
  3. Dr. Richard Keijzer (2021 Traveler)

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan:

  1. Dr. Grant Miller

Edmonton, Alberta:

  1. Dr. Stewart Hamilton
  2. Dr. David Williams

Calgary, Alberta:

  1. Dr. Sean Grondin
  2. Dr. John Kortbeek
  3. Dr. Rene Lafreniere
  4. Dr Janice Pasieka

Vancouver, British Columbia:

  1. Dr. Richard Finley
  2. Dr. Noelle Davis
  3. Dr. Stephen Chung
  4. Dr. Garth Warnock

Prince George, British Columbia:

  1. Dr. Nadine Caron (2023 Traveler)

Canada Group Travelers

Since our first traveler set off in 1962, a steady stream of Canadian members of the association have traveled year after year.  Click the section below to reveal our travelers.

Year Traveler Origin
2023 Dr. Nadine Caron University of British Columbia
2022 Dr. Prosanto Chaudhury McGill University
2021 Dr. Richard Keijzer University of Manitoba
2020 Dr. Christian Finley McMaster University
2019 Dr. Frances Wright University of Toronto
2018 Dr. Muriel Brackstone University of Western Ontario
2017 Dr. Ravi Sidhu University of Calgary
2016 Dr. Sean Grondin University of British Columbia
2015 Dr. Lorenzo Ferri Montreal General Hospital
2014 Dr. Geoff Porter Nova Scotia
2013 Dr. David R. Urbach Toronto General Hospital
2012 Dr. Pasquale Ferraro Canada
2011 Dr. Thomas L. Forbes Canada
2010 Dr. Liane S. Feldman Canada
2009 Dr. Andrew J. Smith Canada
2008 Dr. Erik Skarsgard Canada
2007 Dr. Jacob C. Langer Canada
2006 Dr. Janice Pasieka Canada
2005 Dr. Steven Gallinger Canada
2004 Dr. Jeffrey Barkun Canada
2003 Dr. Stephen W. Chung Canada
2002 Dr. Kenneth A. Harris Canada
2001 Dr. Richard Reznick Canada
2000 Dr. Vivian C. McAllister Canada
1999 Dr. Noelle Davis Canada
1998 Dr. David R. Grant Canada
1997 Dr. Robin McLeod Canada
1995 Dr. Gerald Fried Canada
1994 Dr. Paul M. Walker Canada
1993 Dr. Jean Deslauriers Canada
1992 Dr. Garth L. Warnock Canada
1991 Dr. Nicholas V. Christou Canada
1990 Dr. Richard J. Finley Canada
1988 Dr. Allan S. MacDonald Canada
1987 Dr. Walley J. Temple Canada
1986 Dr. F. Neil McKenzie Canada
1985 Dr. Jonathan L. Meakins Canada
1984 Dr. K. Wayne Johnston Canada
1983 Dr. Harry M. Shizgal Canada
1982 Dr. Luc Deschenes Canada
1982 Dr. David A. Murphy Canada
1981 Dr. David S. Mulder Canada
1979 Dr. Wilbert J. Keon Canada
1978 Dr. John H. Duff Canada
1976 Dr. Louis Dionne Canada
1974 Dr. Donald R. Wilson Canada
1973 Dr. John R. Gutelis Canada
1969 Dr. Claude Bertrand Canada
1965 Dr. Robert A. Macbeth Canada
1964 Dr. Colin C. Ferguson Canada
1962 Dr. Angus D. McLachlin Canada


The application can be submitted online by either the nominee, or the James IV member, by using the form below. Please ensure all documents are provided with the initial application.

Note: Applicants must be supported by a current James IV member and travellers are encouraged to use the network who often make local provision for accommodation or other support.  Please click HERE to view a list of potential hosts by region.

Canadian travelers are selected from nominations submitted by active members (directors) of the Canadian section.

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