BI & ROW Travelling Fellowships

Travelling Fellowships

Download the BI & ROW Traveller Guidelines HERE.

Please note: Due to a current backlog of travellers, successful applicants for 2022 should not anticipate travelling any earlier than early 2024.

Annual Timeline for Nominations

Event Month
Notification of Nominations January
Deadline for Nominations February
Directors Meeting March
James IV BI & ROW AGM May
Notification of Decisions May
Ratification of Decision October

Members of the Association will receive notification of the nominations process by email, no less than 4 weeks before the nominations deadline. Thereafter, nominations will be discussed and shortlisted by the Directors before formal presentation to, and discussion with the members during the James IV AGM (GBI/ROW) for agreement. Nominees shall be informed of the decision in writing following the BI and ROW Annual General Meeting (AGM) to enable the traveller to plan their travel although formal ratification will only be made at the combined AGM held each year at the American College of Surgeons in October.


Travellers must currently reside within the British Isles and Rest of the World (BI and ROW) region. The BI and ROW region accounts for all areas with the exception of North America, South America and Canada, the fellowships for which are organised by the US and Canadian offices.

Fellows must be 45 years or less at the time of application. Preference will be given to established professionals active in academic surgery and who are perceived to be future leaders in surgery.

Travel Stipulations

The travel period shall be no less than 4 weeks (20 working days) and can be divided into two periods. Both periods of travel must be completed within a year of the Fellowship being granted.

Travellers are responsible for making their own arrangements which include booking their own travel and accommodation. They are encouraged to use the network of James IV members who often make local provision for accommodation or other support.

Traveller’s Obligations

The purpose of the James IV Travelling Fellowship is to promote the exchange of surgical knowledge, but also foster the kind of friendships that have meant so much to those who founded the Association, and those who have since joined them. The Association, therefore, rely on its Fellows to provide a detailed Final Report on completion of all travel and this should be submitted no later than 12 weeks on completion of travel.

Fellows are also required to provide a brief summary (200 words) and photographs at the end of each period of travel and which will be used by the Association to promote its activities.

The Association may receive sponsorship in support of Travelling Fellowships. Travelling Fellows must, therefore, be willing to participate in a lecture/session organised by the sponsor, where appropriate and subject to agreement. A sponsor would be liable for all costs relating to the lecture/session.


The application can be submitted online by either the nominee, or the James IV member, by using the form below. Please ensure all documents are provided with the initial application.

Note: Applicants must be supported by a current James IV member and travellers are encouraged to use the network who often make local provision for accommodation or other support.  Please click HERE to view a list of potential hosts by region.



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