Senior Members

Active Members may, with the consent of the active members, voluntarily become Senior Members after the age of 65 and shall become Senior Members at the age of 70. Senior members retain all the privileges of active membership except that they have no voting rights and do not hold any office in the association except for the purpose of completing any term of office to which election was effected prior to becoming a senior member.
Year Elected


2001 Professor Bruce H. Barraclough
1988 Professor Richard C. Bennett
1981 Mr. Donald Macleish
1991 Professor Glyn G. Jamieson
1985 Professor James May
1992 Mr. Russell W. Strong


Dr. Gilles Beauchamp
Dr. Rudy Danzinger
1994 Dr. Jean Couture
1993 Dr. Luc Deschenes
1993 Dr. Allan Downs
1990 Dr. Bernard Langer
1990 Dr. Bryce Weir
1984 Dr. John Duff
1984 Hon. Wilbert Keon
1982 Dr. Bernard Perey
1980 Dr. Donald Wilson
Dr. Andre Duranceau
Dr. Christopher Heughan
Dr. Roger Keith
Dr. Jonathan Meakins
Dr. David Mulder
Dr. William L. Orovan
Dr. Robert Stone


1987 Professor Oleg Eremin
1996 Mr. Anthony E.B. Giddings
1984 Professor Sir Miles Irving
1986 Sir Barry T. Jackson
1995 Mr. Paul McMaster
1994 Professor Averil O. Mansfield
1975 Mr. J. Adrian P. Marston
1992 Dr. Jonathan L. Meakins
1988 Professor Sir Peter J. Morris
1993 Mr. R. Christopher G. Russell
1971 Sir Geoffrey Slaney
1984 Professor Robin C.N. Williamson

Hong Kong

1972 Professor Harry S.Y. Fang
1980 Professor John Wong


1982 Mr. William P. Hederman
1989 Professor Thomas P.J. Hennessy
2004 Professor Frank B.V. Keane
1995 Professor William O. Kirwan
1987 Professor Niall O’Higgins
1976 Professor Eoin O’Malley


1995 Professor Sir Alfred Cuschieri


1986 Professor George W. Johnston
1996 Mr. Colin F. J. Russell


1971 Dr. Gudmund Semb


1980 Professor Johannes A. Myburgh


1982 Sir David Carter
1981 Sir Patrick Forrest
1997 Professor William D. George
1987 Mr. Alistair John Mack
1988 Mr. Iain MacLaren
1994 Professor Charles V. Ruckley
1984 Professor David J. Wheatley


1984 Dr. Gunnar Nylander

United States

1999 Dr. Kathryn D. Anderson
1973 Dr. W. Gerald Austen
1969 Dr. Oliver H. Beahrs
1983 Dr. Leslie H. Blumgart
1999 Dr. Murray Brennan
1976 Dr. Larry Carey
1979 Dr. Robert A. Chase
1976 Dr. John E. Connolly
1970 Dr. Richard A. Davis
1988 Dr. Roger R. Dozois
1998 Dr. Joseph Fischer
1974 Dr. Timothy Harrison
1979 Dr. Robert E. Hermann
2001 Dr. James W. Jones
1975 Dr. Keith Kelly
1981 Dr. John A. Mannick
1989 Dr. David L. Nahrwold
1986 Dr. Hiram Polk
2001 Dr. Steven A. Rosenberg
2002 Dr. Jatin Shah
1991 Dr. Seymour Schwartz
1967 Dr. Richard B. Stark
1974 Dr. Eugene Stern
1983 Dr. Ronald K. Tompkins
1994 Dr. Jon A. van Heerden
1980 Dr. Robert B. Wallace
1984 Dr. Samuel A. Wells, Jr.
1970 Dr Walter A. Wichern Jr.
1969 Dr. George D. Zuidema


1982 Professor Leslie E. Hughes