James IV Association of Surgeons

The James IV Association of Surgeons


The Association was founded on October 17, 1957 by Ian Aird of London, John Bruce of Edinburgh and J. William Hinton of New York. They were convinced of the need for closer ties between the surgeons of the two English-speaking countries.

The name of the new surgical association was not inappropriate, for the fourth Stuart King of Scotland throughout his reign was noted for his interest in scientific affairs. It is on historical record that he was “well learned at the art of medicine and also a cunning Chirurgener that none in his realm that used that craft but would take his counsel in all their proceedings:”The accounts of his Exchequer bear witness to his willingness to pay his subjects for the opportunity of trying his own hand at their surgical cure, or for the chance of pulling their teeth. He perished with the flower of Scottish chivalry in the last great battle between Scotland and England at Flodden in 1513.

The important function of the Association is to sponsor visiting fellowship opportunities for outstanding young surgeons from and to member countries. These travelling fellowships not only promote the exchange of surgical knowledge but also foster the kind of friendships that have meant so much to those who founded the Association and those who have since joined them.